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Uttar Pradesh Elections: Welfare Beneficiaries Will Ensure BJP Victory, Says Vijayvargiya | Allahabad News

PRIYAGRAJ: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya has asserted that beneficiaries of all welfare schemes run by central and state governments will ensure the party’s victory in the UP Assembly battle of 2022.
He further claimed that the party received more votes in the first two rounds of polling, compared to the 2017 assembly polls, and that a large portion of Dalit voters also shifted to the BJP. , as evidenced by the first two phases. “Besides the beneficiaries of government schemes, Jat voters in significant numbers also voted for the party in the first phase,” Vijayvargiya asserted adding “We will win maximum seats in western UP.”
The BJP leader, meanwhile, said it was a Modi against all parties across the country as all rival camps like SP, BSP, AIMIM and Congress had announced their candidates in more than 100 state assembly seats after consulting with one and the same purpose. defeat the BJP.
Vijayvargiya was in Sangam City to strategize to ensure the triumph of party candidates and its alliance partners over all 28 seats in the region and better coordination with Apna Dal (S) and party workers and leaders Nishad. The BJP leader here said: ‘Many rival camps have united for their own self-interest and they had even made an ‘internal settlement’ to present candidates in the polls of this assembly so that they can face off against Modi and Yogi. “.
He also met with intellectuals in the city including Dr. Amitabh Gour, Ashish Gupta, Dr. Anil Kumar Santhani, Ajay Gupta, Dr. JK Jain and others and spoke about the policies and vision of the party.
Affirming that the majority of the rival political camps do not think of the country and that they always think of seizing power by hook or by crook. However, the people of the country are now able to understand their greed for power and support nationalism. The BJP is the only party that only thinks about the country and talks about nationalism, he claimed. Vijayvargiya, meanwhile, said the dual engine government has brought many programs and opportunities for the youths and all the youths are with the BJP. He said the BJP would get over 300 seats.
The senior leader of the BJP, meanwhile, said that the hard work of the BJP workers will produce the desired results and the lotus will bloom on all the stalls in the region. Interacting with party workers and giving them the Jeet Ka Mantra, he said, “If we are able to win the voting booth, we will surely win the assembly polls.”
He was of the opinion that the hard work of the stand chairman, stand manager and panna pramukh always pays rich dividends. He also said that the honor of every party worker is supreme (karyakarta ka samman sarvopari hai) and it is the BJP that has the strength of the party workers across the country.