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The reforms in Lakshadweep are aimed at public welfare; justifies collector | Lakshadweep row

Kochi: Lakshadweep collector S Asker Ali justified the reforms introduced by the administrator of the island. Speaking to a press conference here on Thursday, the collector stressed that the reforms are aimed at the well-being of the island’s residents. Responding to the controversies, he said false allegations were being made against the Lakshadweep administration.

The collector also gave justifications for each reform introduced by administrator Praful Khoda Patel.

“Steps are being taken to ensure a secure future for the people of Lakshadweep. The connection with the port of Mangalore will benefit the island. A modern school will be established in Kavaratti. The administration aims to develop tourism on the island and set up more facilities for tourists. The decision to lift the ban on alcohol was taken to improve tourism, ”the tax collector informed.

“A few days ago, 300 cases of heroin and AK47 worth Rs 3000 were seized on the island. Apart from this, there have also been reports of cases related to possession of marijuana, drugs and cases of POCSO. In the context of this, the authority decided to implement strict rules in Lakshadweep. People with special interests are provoked by the reforms. Such people are organizing demonstrations against the administration of Lakshadweep, ”he added.

The collector also briefed the media on COVID prevention efforts on the island.

“Air service and vehicle traffic have been banned on the island as part of COVID prevention efforts. Flexibilities were granted taking into account the demands of the population. Steps are being taken to perform COVID testing. The majority of people over 18 in 6 islands are vaccinated, ”the official informed.

He said Lakshadweep’s authority will not enforce the rule that prohibits people with more than two children from running for office.

He stressed that the fishermen’s sheds have been removed as part of the fight against illegal encroachment.

“Drug cases and POCSO cases are also reported in the territory of the Union. The inhabitants of the island are also involved in drug trafficking. Many young people are engaged in anti-social activities. The law on the prevention of anti-social activities will be introduced to fight against such crimes ”, underlined the collector.

At the same time, he added that beef was banned on the island due to its shortage. He stressed that this will boost local fishing.

Collector Asker Ali said the administration of Lakshadweep operates according to the public interest and welfare.

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