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RRHA Celebrates $ 59 Million Revitalization of 204 Former Social Housing Units Through RAD Program | Latest from Richmond

The apartments to be renovated are located across town: the 64-unit Fulton complex at 1221 Denny St. in the East End; the 52-unit Randolph complex at 300 S. Randolph St. in the Randolph neighborhood; the 40-unit Afton Apartments at 2201 Afton Ave. in South Richmond; the 30-unit Stovall Place complex at 100 W. 24th St. in Swansboro; and the 18-unit Bainbridge complex in Manchester. All were built between 1971 and 1984. Three of the five have never undergone a substantial renovation since opening, and all lack modern amenities.

When complete, each of the apartments will have central air conditioning, a dishwasher and a washer and dryer, Curtis Adams, vice president of The Michaels Organization said Thursday.

“The real measure of success and the real fruits of our labor will be measured when residents come back to their units and say ‘wow’,” Adams said.

RRHA selected The Michaels Organization to take over the project in 2018, but it took three years to raise project funding and get the necessary approvals from HUD. The company signed a 99 year lease of the properties. The RRHA will retain ownership of the land under the Arrangement.

The renovation process will force residents to move temporarily, and some have already done so. Officials said every household has been guaranteed the right to return to the properties after work is completed, if they so choose.

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