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Throughout the challenges of the pandemic in 2020, the community of Rogersville has survived by coming together and supporting each other. For the safety of the community and staff, the Price Public Community Center and Swift Museum (PPCCSM) has been forced to limit events in accordance with CDC guidelines. The economic toll of this choice has hit the organization hard and now that the group looks to a better future, the PPCCSM needs your help.

The PPCCSM has an operating budget of $ 3,000 per month. A year of limited income has drained his funds. Without individual help, the organization will be forced to close its doors by June of this year, says CaSandra Palmer, secretary of the organization.

The Price Public Community Center and the Swift Museum have served the Rogersville community for nearly 20 years, and the building is a historic monument commemorating Price Public, the only black school building still known in Rogersville. In the 1990s, the group worked on the restoration of this building in order to preserve the legacy of black public education in Rogersville. In 2008, the Swift Museum was added to commemorate the legacy of Swift Memorial College, one of the region’s first black colleges.

The Price Public Community Center and the Swift Museum are part of the heart of Rogersville, says Palmer, and need your help. “Your donation will help us preserve the historic value of the Price Public Community Center and help us continue to move forward with educational programming at The Swift Museum,” she said.

The building that was once Price Public Elementary School, located on Hasson Street, is known as the only existing black school in Rogersville.

On March 17, 1868, the land on which the building stands today was purchased by Alexander Fain, Jordan Netherland, Albert Jones and Nathaniel Mitchell “for the purpose of building a school for the education of children of color.”

A building was constructed and used as a school until the early 1900s.

In 1922, the old building was demolished and another facility was built to accommodate black children in Rogersville.

The building was used as a high school for a short time and was also considered a feeding school at Swift Memorial College. The last school classes in the building were held in 1958.

It has since served as a community center, cannery and storage building.

Price Public School was listed on the National Historic Register in 1988.

Community leaders and state officials gathered at the Price Public School site on Monday, 2009 as US Congressman Bill Jenkins (right) presented a grant of $ 84,000 that was to be used for complete the renovation of the historic building.

The upgrades included heating / air conditioning, toilets, kitchen / diner, museum and new roof and windows.

As the center reopens now, the public is invited not only to donate, but to book events. An open house is scheduled for June, the date is not yet known.

“We look forward to serving you again and hope to be of service to this community forever,” said Palmer.

Checks may be made payable to: Price Public Community Center & Swift Museum, PO Box 684, Rogersville, TN 3785.

Follow the center on Instagram: @pricepublicswift; Twitter: @ppccsm and Facebook: Price Public Community Center & Swift Museum.

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