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Modi government’s welfare programs advance Baba Sahib ideology: Tarun Chugh

Amritsar, April 17 (KNS): BJP National General Secretary Tarun Chugh said that all the projects put in place by the Narendra Modi-led government for the welfare of the most oppressed, weak and disadvantaged sections of society, advance the ideology of Baba Sahib Ambedkar.

In a statement, published in Kashmir News Service (KNS), he said Baba Sahib had made an incredible contribution to the progress of the country. “The real tribute to Baba Sahib is that the weaker part of society should prosper in India and the Modi government has been working there for 8 years. Which has started to show fruitful results.

Speaking on a program held in memory of Baba Sahib Ambedkar, Chugh said he was born into a Dalit family and was a jurist and economist who played an important role in the independence movement in India. India.

“The Prime Minister of Justice of India had been discriminated against because of the Dalit community. The ideology of Baba Sahib, who presented India as the strongest pillar of strength in its holy Constitution, united the nation.

Chugh said Baba Sahib Ambedkar dedicated his whole life to fighting untouchability, casteism and social ills and protecting the rights of the poor, oppressed and exploited.

He said he was the father of the constitution, assuming responsibility for the chairman of the committee which drafted the Indian constitution.

“Five associated shrines have been built. Dalits have been given a proper place in the cabinet of the Modi government. For the first time in the country’s political history, 12 Dalit trade union ministers have been appointed to the government led by Narendra Modi.

He further said that 3 Dalit women have been placed in the Yogi cabinet, among them Babirani Maurya, Vijay Laxmi Gautam and Gulabo Devi.

According to the statement, many BJP leaders including Sarabjit Shanty and Chandrashekhar were present on the occasion. (KNS)