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March 10, 2022 0 comments

By Brian Lockhart

Flato Developments, the company building the new development in Beeton just off Main Street on the west end of town, hosted a community engagement meeting on Thursday March 3 to get feedback from local residents on their housing project for the elderly.

The meeting took place in the Beeton Arena Community Hall.

The seniors’ complex will consist of five buildings and 400 units near Main Street.

Each building will have 80 apartments.

Flato’s vision for the project includes a gym, yoga and wellness center, library and media room, outdoor patio with gazebos and barbecue grills, and a faith room. It also features open concept floor plans with wide hallways for accessibility, wide accessible balconies, private vegetable gardens and a parcelette.

The complex has yet to be designed, and the company is seeking public input on what they want in a seniors’ complex before beginning the final design.

“This is an informal public open day where we are here to get input from the general public to find out what they have to say about the proposed buildings for older people – we want to get their input on the size of buildings,” explained Shakir Rehmatullah. , President of Flato Developments. “We want to know what size units people would prefer – one-bedroom suites or two-bedroom suites – especially when they are seniors.”

Mr. Rehmatullah, said they are working from experience having developed other units for the elderly in different communities.

“We’ve heard in our other communities from people saying they prefer two-bedroom suites,” Mr Rehmatullah said. “Some people came up to us and said ‘we need wider sidewalks.’ Some people have said “we need bigger bathrooms” or “bigger closets”. That’s why we’re here. We have our planner and our architect here. We just want to hear from the community. say how they want it designed and what they want it to look like. They may like brick, stone or stucco. We want to build something that people will enjoy. We are currently in the start-up phase. We want to engage with the community and we care about the community we want to let them know what’s going on and be transparent and get their feedback so the architect can take that feedback to the drawing board and design it on [what] comments were, and create a community that people will appreciate.

The meeting was an informal affair and local residents were encouraged to review some of the plans for the new development and ask questions or give advice on what they would like to see in the new development.