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Farrukh sees Sindh’s ‘failure’ to use Rs1800bn NFC fund for public welfare

FAISALABAD: Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Farrukh Habib said on Saturday that the federal government has provided 1.600-1.8 trillion rupees to Sindh as part of the National Finance Commission (NFC) award , but that he had not used the enormous financial support for the welfare and welfare of the masses.

Speaking to reporters at the Ali Zaib Foundation Center at Ghulam Muhammad Abad General Hospital, he said children face malnutrition in the interior of Sindh. “There is no vaccine in hospitals for dog bite victims, and even the irrigation water supplied to Sindh is stolen,” he said.

In Sukkur, Sindh got 16,000 cusecs of water, and 8,000 cusecs of water were stolen from Kotary, the state minister said. Instead of improving overall governance, Sindh has been handed over to the mafias, he said, adding that farmers in Kotary cannot sow the rice because the Sindh government has failed to control the theft. of water.


He called the opposition alliance a group of divergent forces and said that instead of supporting the government’s productive policies, they created unnecessary obstacles. However, he said they had failed in their designs. He also said that Pakistan has become a growth model for the whole world as it has made unexpected achievements despite the corona blockages.

He said all economic indicators were positive and the stock market had recorded an unprecedented rise, showing investor confidence in the government’s economic policies. He said the volume of foreign investment has increased and the country has been put on a path of progress and development, and its benefits are appreciated by all stakeholders.

“Our exports registered an increase of 13% while the increase of 54% was observed in the sales of automobiles, 44% in computer products, 40% in cement and 9% in products of large manufacturing groups. “, did he declare. “Our efforts are aimed at increasing exports,” he said, adding that the government would not give any “deal” to the opposition parties, which already face a “clear division” in their ranks.

He said Shehbaz Sharif should focus on his party first before forging the unity of the divergent forces gathered under the banner of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). “The parliament is the only platform where we can solve our main national problems, but the opposition ignores it and wastes its energies outside the parliament to defend its personal interests,” he said.

On dacoit gangs, the minister of state said the government would not allow state in state and elements that treat the poor with oppression, especially in remote rural areas, would not be tolerated in the state. no price. He said these oppressive elements had been hiding in Sulaiman Range for many years and that no government had taken action against them.


On the special directive of Prime Minister Imran Khan, law enforcement has launched a joint operation against the outlaws, which will continue until their complete elimination, he said. Regarding non-governmental organizations, he said that these organizations are doing a commendable job and the government will continue to encourage and patronize them so that they can expand their range of services.

Minister of State Farrukh Habib visiting the Ali Zaib Foundation.

He particularly appreciated the Ali Zaib Foundation and other organizations working for the welfare of thalassemia patients and said that parents of young children face a very difficult situation. He said these organizations were doing their best to minimize their suffering by providing them with blood.

Later, the Minister of State also visited different sections of the Ali Zaib Foundation center and expressed satisfaction with the treatment facilities provided to patients. The director general of the Ali Zaib Foundation, Shahid Ali Zaidi, informed the Minister of State of the medical facilities made available to the patients at the center.

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